Ingenio Solutions GmbH is an innovator in healthcare and vital monitoring solutions utilizing highly developed technologies and combining mechanical, electronical and software engineering expertise to bring innovative products to the market. In close cooperation with our clinical and scientific partners we suit our products to the market needs, ensuring a long term commercial success.

With a strong background in the field of medical device development, we support international medical device manufacturers from the idea stage through development to regulatory approval and post-market updates. If you are looking for a development partner who is capable to combine mechanical, electrical and software engineering expertise to an innovative product, get in touch with us.

Our products


During the last two years wearable devices with miniaturized sensors, tracking vital signs attracted the interest of consumers and physicians all over the world. With the development of highly efficient electronic components and sensor systems an entirely new market opened up - not only for products in the field of fitness activity trackers.

Ingenio Solutions GmbH is working on a highly innovative product to monitor vital signs in a new emerging market, providing users with valuable information about their condition – everywhere, day and night. Our patent is currently pending. For more information, please get in touch with us.


Every unique product is based on innovative technologies. Ingenio Solutions GmbH heavily invests in research and product development of new technologies, allowing us to implement cutting edge technologies in our products.


Smart and highly integrated sensors are a key technology in our products, providing valuable parameters and translating them into vital condition indicators, you can rely on.


In a world where many sensors and other data sources get connected to each other, intelligent and smart data analysis algorithms are a crucial part of applications to become successful.


Each of our products include a link to our cloud based database,allowing our customers . to review vital data in a 24/7 matter with data privacy in mind.


Wireless charging ensures extended lifetime of small electronic devices combined with an entirely closed housing which provides improved cleaning possibilities and product safety.


To become smart and successful medical devices, our products combine high-class biocompatible materials with a design that meets the physiological requirements.


Our products seamlessly integrate into the IT structure that is currently available, making use of smartphones and tablets with are great monitoring and control devices.

The Founders

David Busch

Mechanical Engineer

Long term experience in development of medical devices class III, especially heart assist devices and catheters, including regulatory documentation according ISO 13485


Christian Habersetzer

Electrical Engineer

Long term experience in development of power and logic electronics in medical, consumer, industrial and aerospace devices, including approval, testing and transition to production


Stefan Schwarzbach

Software Engineer

Long term experience in organizing and managing engineering companies, long term experience in development and approval of complex devices in the medical and consumer area


Our partners

If you want to make a place for yourself in the highly dynamic field of technological development, you must not only meet diverse market demands, you must always be one step ahead. For our products as well as for our customers, we make sure to secure this advantage over the competition. Together with our network of partners which covers many disciplines, we are not just prepared for the most challenging tasks, we also work with them to implement the momentum necessary for innovation.



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